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Identity offers

Outsourced ID issuing services (Business Process Outsourcing)

Specifically for public administrations and businesses, the complete management of the ID issuing process offer (credentials and passes) receives and manages the treatment of all multi-channel requests and related life cycles.

This innovative offer of outsourced service (Business Process Outsourcing) allows public administrations and businesses to refocus on their core activity or business, to optimise their relationship with the public and users, raise their level of security and rationalise their costs.

This solution can be installed "in situ", in SaaS mode, or even operated in secure IN premises.

Benefits of outsourced ID issuing services:

  • Simplify and centralises the treatment of requests, related enquiries and life-cycle management more reliably and durably
  • Facilitate information exchange and searches
  • Optimise the level of security and confidentiality
  • Reduce fraud and promote control
  • Rationalise lead times and total costs

End-to-end management of the issuing process for credentials and passes

This "ID" solution supports clients over the whole area of managing professional and personal IDs.

The IN positions itself as a unique trust operator by adopting a global and personalised approach tailor-made for its client.

An offering buids on major achievements:

Management and issue of professional transport credentials

As a French trust authority of the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea, since 2005 IN Groupe has administered all requests for cards and all related services.

The cards concerned are the following: Digital tachograph cards, Driver Qualification Cards (CQC), Transport of Hazardous Materials cards (TMD), Train driver licences (EPSF) and Taxi Drivers’ professional cards.

For the management and issue of digital tachograph cards through the European Tachnonet network, Chronoservices (IN Group) manages the card data base and verifies that it contains no duplicates.

The IN’s outsourced ID issuing services (BPO) comprise:

  • Initial contact and receipt of requests from drivers or transport businesses through paper documents sent by post, through a call centre or the "Chronoservices" brand web portal
  • Management of corresponding requests to check compliance and the validity of the elements needed to create a card: valid driving licence, payments issued, etc.
  • The issue, personalisation and dispatch of the card associated with drivers' credentials
  • Life-cycle management which comprises responding to complaints (loss or theft), renewing requests, confirming the validity of a card in the event of a check, etc.

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Health Professional ID Card (CPS) for the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

In 2011, the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health through its Shared Health Information Systems Agency (ASIP) asked the IN to run the new generation, smart and secure Health Professional ID Cards (CPS) and the entire life cycle around it by means of the life cycle of documents.

The IN’s outsourced ID issuing services (BPO) comprise:

  • The design, development and management of information systems
  • Encryption, enrolment and certification platforms
  • The production of cards and related services: personalisation, dispatch to home address, middleware
  • The creation of a services portal for certification products (order, cancellation, update, monitoring ID cards issued)
  • Management of information systems (hosting and operating) together with a dedicated help service

Depending on the changes required, management of the life cycle of documents also facilitates the implementation of additional functionalities, such as software certificates, remote renewal, extension of life span, or new methods of authentication and signature on mobile and computer platforms.