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Flows offers


Physical and digital solutions for all printing flows

A central requirement of the digital economy is knowing how to take advantage of all the technologies and services available to optimise flows, dematerialize them, archive them in a secure manner and contribute to sustainable development policies. With the added advantage of considerable productivity gains and significant reductions in costs.

FLOW solutions in a few figures

4 billion

A4 equivalent
per annum


suppliers over the
whole graphic chain

50 million

personalised letters
per annum (desktop publishing)


Exclusive Cloud
Printing offer (in partnership with
the UGAP)

The IN’s experience at the core of integrated graphic and digital solutions

Over and above the requirements of a “single“ print run and the integration of the best technologies, the ambition of FLOW solutions is to not only to audit, advise, devise and implement, but to support, supervise and maintain graphic flows over the long term, enhancing them with numerous trust and financial services, to suit the contemporary needs of public or private organisations.

This ambition pursues four objectives that are necessities for businesses and institutions:

to initiate technical and documentary audits in order to draw up a map of needs and rationalise multi-channel control: incoming, circulating and outgoing flows
to offer multiple sector expertise and adapt it to requirements: from general printing of any kind and on any support up to and including cloud printing
to optimise purchasing and control the process selected: purchasing authority for raw materials, supplier network and certified paper, steering and coordination of all those involved in the chain (from document design to full monitoring of final delivery)
to integrate innovative personalisation and dematerialization services: capture and massification of mail, secure digitisation and archiving, evidence management (signature and electronic recorded delivery, bundles), digital safe, e-mail and single piece mailing