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Data offers

Outsourced dematerialization services (Business Process Outsourcing)

Dedicated to organisations, public administrations and governments, IN Groupe’s outsourced dematerialization services offer for sensitive data captures multi-channel traffic, automates their treatment and guarantees their durability and access to them. This allows organisations to refocus on their core function and optimise their relationship with users while raising the level of security.

This solution can be installed "in situ", in SaaS mode, or even operated in secure IN premises.

Benefits of outsourced dematerialization services:

  • Durability of information
  • Ease of sharing information
  • Efficient searching of archives
  • Securing and anonymising sensitive data
  • Centralisation of incoming traffic

Digitization chain

This DATA solution accompanies clients over the whole area of dematerialization of sensitive data.

IN Groupe positions itself as a trust operator in the automation and centralisation of your processes.

An offering buids on major achievements:

Dynamic and secure management of health data

Inserm has entrusted IN Groupe with the dematerialization of the sensitive documents of the cohortes “Constances” (epidemiological sample groups) identified as future investments. This equates to almost 3 million data processed per annum.

The IN’s outsourced dematerialization services (BPO) comprise:

  • Management of the receipt of documents
  • Dematerialization of questionnaires and consents
  • Extraction of anonymised data
  • Video coding: correction and verification of the data extracted
  • Anonymised data made available on an Imprimerie Nationale secure platform in Saas mode for use by the Inserm (the French Health and Medical Research Institute)
  • Compliance with CNIL requirements (French Freedom of Information Commission)
  • Conservation of the probative value of both electronic and physical documents with our SIAF (French archive service) approval