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Secure Credentials Production Platform

In all countries today, States and their government agencies seek to offer, while prioritising security and the fight against criminality, efficient and profitable e-government services to their citizens, whether public servants, professionals, patients, students, migrants, etc. The latter wish to have speedy, secure and easy access to the services offered and to information so that they can interact digitally and easily with these services.

To meet these needs, IN Groupe operates integrated physical and logical solutions that can be personalised to the precise requirements of the public bodies concerned. These include ID-Platform, an offer dedicated to the supply and implementation of a multiple credentials physical and software platform.

Delivered ready for use and monitored throughout its life cycle by Imprimerie Nationale staff, it makes it possible to manage several types of secure documents: passports, national ID cards, driving licences, government officer cards as well as official employee ID cards or Health Service ID cards, secure administrative documents, diplomas and examination subjects, etc.


For the Gabonese Government, implementation of ID-Platform

The ID-Platform offer was chosen in 2013 by the Gabonese government to provide, in a totally secure environment from a physical and logical perspective, the design and installation of a multiple credentials platform.

Designed to personalise passports, visas, residence permits, refugee cards and government employee ID cards, it also guarantees electronic archiving records of applications for credentials.

The platform implemented for Gabon’s Department of Documentation and Immigration (DGDI) is based on:

  • a production management software package
  • a personalisation workshop

The testimonial of Gabon’s Department of Documentation and Immigration (DGDI), which uses this platform, underlines the suitability of ID-Platform:

We required a system that would be totally under our control. The partnership set up with IN International enables Gabon to achieve the most rigorous security standards while incorporating specific requirements, local constraints and all the benefits of international experience in a spirit of autonomy. This contract includes a transfer of skills, the freedom to develop the systems and the preservation of free competition if the DGDI extends its fields of activity