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Enterprise Output Management

As a pioneer of dematerialization, the Imprimerie Nationale offers secure enterprise output management solutions, on encrypted and secure servers located at its highly secure site (PS1 level).

The Imprimerie Nationale’s enterprise output management solution ensures the overall management of your documents:

  • Data import via a secure network.
  • Document personalization.
  • Archiving.
  • Digital mailing and/or physical printing and mailing.

Our strong points:

  • Cost reduction:
    through the reduction of the IT budget and the economy of scale engendered by mailing mutualisation.
  • Optimized quality:
    in compliance with your graphic style guidelines and lead time.
  • Flexibility:
    the Imprimerie Nationale manages volume variation, allowing you to focus all your attention on your field of expertise.
  • Maximum security:
    your data is processed on secure networks and archiving is both secure and of probative value.
  • Traceability at all times:
    you can track your orders and consult your documents via a secure access.

The Imprimerie Nationale has been the French Government’s secure and reliable operator for over 500 years and has hence developed a security culture.

The Imprimerie Nationale has a long experience in processes, secure processing plants and proof management. The Imprimerie Nationale can rely on a cutting edge production tool and a solid network of quality technical partners.