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Digital Safe

As a pioneer of dematerialization, IN Groupe offers a secure digital safe solution on encrypted and secure servers located at its highly secure site (PS1 level).

IN Groupe’s digital safe is a secure and reliable digital space, which stores sensitive electronic documents and ensures:

  • Data access authentication.
  • Data confidentiality.
  • The safeguarding of the probative value of original electronic copies.
  • The integrity of stored documents.
  • Timestamp and traceability.
  • E-procedure support.
  • Management of the safe’s content by its owner

Our strong points:

  • Mutualisation of our secure O.I.V. site and secure infrastructure.
  • A secure and reliable environment: confidential and secure environment, sustainable infrastructure, reliable and secure public sector operator.
  • Management and rationalization of archiving and security policies, and guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Facilitation of initial services: consultations, extractions and certified copies.