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Interview with the CEO

2 questions to Didier Trutt, President and CEO
of IN Groupe

Didier TRUTT
President and CEO of IN Groupe

How did the Group perform in 2016?

Didier Trutt : With turnover of €221 million (up 5.5% compared to 2015), EBITDA of €37 million (19.1% of turnover), and net income totalling 12.9% of turnover, the Group continued with a strategy of increased growth, in line with the objectives of the Group’s Medium-Term Plan. The year 2016 saw the continued manufacturing transformation of the Group, with the implementation of the first phase of the Douai 2.0 Project to modernise the Group’s main production site. Douai 2.0 is, without a doubt, a key factor in the success of IN Groupe’s Odyssey 2020 plan.

The positive results from 2016 confirmed that the Group’s strategy is on the right track across all of its components. In the identification business, three multicredential platforms were deployed (biometric passports, electronic identification cards, and biometric residency credentials) on three continents, including a major project in Peru that received an international award. We reached a new milestone by receiving more than 26% of our turnover from exports. I would also like to highlight the strong partnership between IN Groupe and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Our Group provided its expertise to the project for biometric identification cards to be shared by ECOWAS member states. The year 2016 was also marked by digital innovation, with strong growth in our digital services business. The e-Administration platform developed by the Group to support the digital transformation of public agencies was successfully deployed as part of the launch of the Certificat de Qualité de l’Air (CQA, Air Quality Certificate) issuance service. Our e-Administration platform enables digital management of information exchanges using secure connections to government databases, including the vehicle registration system. With more than 5.4 million credentials delivered to date, e-Administration has proved its usefulness, reliability, and strength.
We are closer than ever before to reaching our Odyssey 2020 objective of having the services business represent 20% of turnover.

What are the the Group's ambitions?

Didier Trutt : After undergoing a successful phase of deep transformation for our Group, we are now going to focus on strengthening our expertise. Indeed, we have built up significant expertise through strategic acquisitions: we acquired Smart Packaging Solutions for our components usiness in 2014 and, most recently, we acquired the identification business from Thales Group for biometric systems.
This strategy of using a rapid response to an ever-changing market is now allowing us to maintain a presence throughout the identification value chain, from components to services, with comprehensive, integrated offerings. We will continue to build this strong new positioning over the coming years.
Our Group will continue to evolve at the same pace as our markets. By contributing to the digital transformation of government agencies and of companies, by adding reliability to an identification system that is the basis for growth of e-government, by providing simpler and safer authentication and identification thanks to biometric technology, and by reinforcing the efficiency of processes like enrolment and border crossing, the Group makes society more secure.
It also simplifies people’s lives by offering modern means of identification combined with a growing number of services. Our organisation is adapting to grow with flexibility and efficiency!
IN Groupe has a history going back five centuries. The Group has 900 employees across 28 countries. Through the secure management of identities, the Group’s ambition is to help build the ‘economy of trust’ that is necessary for interactions and for the proper functioning of our democracies.

More than ever, your trust
is at the heart of our identification solutions