The Imprimerie National Group: today and tomorrow !

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3 brands for more tailored support

When working for the French government and its agencies, foreign governments, businesses or public bodies, IN neither “talks” nor acts in the same way. Their needs are different and are not subject to exactly the same constraints … Nevertheless, whether from the public or private sector, every client demands not just greater security, reliability and profitability… but personal service too, a value where the brands take on their full meaning.

Indeed, it is because it is aware of the necessity of working as closely as possible with its clients, of knowing them and recognising what makes them unique, that IN has organised itself into 3 distinct brands.

  • INSolutions for the French State and government agencies

  • IN EntreprisesSolutions for business, institutions and public bodies

  • IN InternationalSolutions for international and foreign governments
    and businesses

With the determination to:

  • never be satisfied with standard or pre-formatted offers.
  • adapt its knowledge and expertise and construct solutions to suit demands;

And while IN is known first and foremost for its unique and special experience in the service of the French Government, it has added new technologies and skills brought by men and women from large French, foreign and international companies.

It is they who, in an on-going dialogue not only between experts and clients, but with IN’s technological partners, devise and drive appropriate responses. It is they who, each with their own experience, bring the 3 brands to life, drawing on IN’s assets to meet expectations as fully as possible – making use of its human, technical and industrial resources.

IN: Solutions for the French State and its agencies

Secure solutions in the service of the French Government and government agencies

The IN’s experience at the core of integrated digital solutions and as an historic public and benchmark Operator of the French State for the manufacture of credentials, ensures that the IN benefits from unequalled technical know-how and technological expertise to meet these challenges and offers a full range of digital solutions in the fields of secure credentials, identities and data streams.

The purpose of these durable solutions is to support both citizens and public servants throughout their civil and professional life in order to help confirm their identity while maintaining absolute respect for both the necessary confidentiality and the national sovereignty of the French State.

At the heart of such solutions, IN delivers trust services that take responsibility for and industrialise numerous time-consuming tasks, remote from staff’s core activity, automatically leading to productivity gains, an improvement in quality and lower running costs.

IN Entreprises: solutions for business, institutions and public bodies

Secure solutions for businesses and institutions

IN Entreprises offers unequalled technical know-how and technological expertise to meet these challenges and offer a wide range of secure and integrated solutions.

The mission of these long-term services and trust is to support businesses, institutions and all those involved in them throughout their development, to help protect them, add value and facilitate the expression of their professional talents. They also allow numerous tasks to be taken over and industrialised, leading to an improvement in quality and lower running costs.

IN International: solutions for foreign governments, international agencies and businesses

Secure solutions for States and foreign and international businesses

IN International’s aim is to not only plan, initiate, install and implement, but also to provide long-term support, supervision and maintenance of complete information and production systems centred on three objectives, requirements as much for governments as they are for business:

  • To further public governance through the improvement of civil state administration with reliable solutions that permit citizens to be identified and authenticated
  • To strengthen security through complete and integrated management of the production of public or professional identity documents at a vey high level of protection, conforming to the highest international standards
  • To operate digital solutions at optimum cost to permit competitiveness and productivity gains throughout the process, thus meeting the necessary control of each State’s public expenditure